Our managing member is certified by the Florida Bar Association in City, County and Local Government Law. He has been a City Attorney since 2011, providing guidance and counseling for the City Commission, City Manager, City Clerk, Human Resource Manager, Purchasing Manager, Code Enforcement, Planning and Zoning Director, Building Director, Parks and Recreation Director, Public Works Director, the Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Police Department.

As City Attorney he is intimately involved in various matters, including:

  • Land development regulations
  • Florida's public record laws;
  • Sunshine laws;
  • Ethics codes of Florida, Miami-Dade County and City of South Miami;
  • Procurement law;
  • Labor and employment issues
  • Public finance.

He has experience with:

  • Utility franchise agreements,
  • Comprehensive Plan text and map amendments,
  • City Charter amendments,
  • Voter referenda,
  • Zoning
  • Private Partnerships,
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Public land sale, purchase and lease.

His trial, arbitration and mediation experience include:

  • Litigating spot zoning,
  • Mediation of Civil Rights claims,
  • Arbitrating employee terminations,
  • Litigating all manner of disputes including contracts, rezoning issues, red light camera tickets, election challenges and police forfeitures.
Estates at Acqualina under construction August 2019


Every construction claim involves an interpretation of the construction contract. Understanding the terms of your contract and its ramifications can make an enormous difference between making a profit or losing money. Failure to seek legal advice while the work is in progress can also be costly.

Our firm provides advice during contract negotiations and work-in-progress construction counseling, as well as the experience of a litigator and appellate attorney. Whenever a problem occurs on the construction site or when contract interpretation is necessary to determine your rights and obligations, we are here to interpret your contract and to provide guidance in the documentation of potential claims that will be made by and against you at the end of the project..

We can provide you with the benefit of our courtroom experience and a professional eye to telling your story with visual evidence, which will give you substantial leverage when negotiating your final payment and can make the difference between winning and losing a case in court.

Litigation and Appeals

Our managing member has tried cases in both state and federal court. He has been a member of the Florida Bar Association since 1974 and a member of the federal trial bar for the federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida since 1975. He has tried numerous jury and non-jury cases and he has appealed and argued cases before various Florida courts of appeal, including the Florida Supreme Court, as well as numerous federal courts of appeal.