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We strive to provide you with cost effective legal services and, when litigation is necessary, we provide a zealous prosecution that is on the cutting edge of the law. We are persistent, aggressive and innovative in our approach to each and every case.

We love our work and the satisfaction of solving our clients’ legal problems. The wide variety of cases that we have handled in over 30 years of practicing law provides us with a unique insight for solving complex legal questions. We bring that experience to each case that we handle.

We have sued large corporations, insurance companies, state, county and municipal governments as well as governmental agencies of the United States. While the predominate number of cases that we try are filed in the courts of the State of Florida, we have tried cases before the federal courts in Washington, D. C., Florida and New York. Our cases have taken us to all levels of the appellate process, from appeals to the various Florida courts of appeal, including the Florida Supreme Court, to the federal courts of appeal in various states as well as the United States Supreme Court.

Every case is important to us and we are committed to providing individual attention to your problem. We like to keep our clients informed about their case and we encourage them to ask questions. Please contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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